Spring cleaning, the time to dispose of anything in your home no longer useful and to rediscover the things you forgot you owned. Some may never take part in this tradition, while others look forward to this process every year. I tend to belong to the enthusiastic group and believe it is important to take time to evaluate the state of your home regularly. Otherwise, you can quickly find yourself surrounded by mountains of clutter. I have also found that when you’re too busy fighting through the mess, you can easily overlook the things around you that do spark joy.  

Our mind and soul deserves just as much attention, if not more. I find spring to be the perfect time to recreate one’s identity and to choose how you wish to present yourself moving forward. Just like flowers leave the gloom of winter behind and show off their colors, we too can display new patterns of color within us. We can take this opportunity to evaluate personal relationships and ensure they are meeting our needs.  Spring is a good time to take notice of our strengths, to remind ourselves of our worth and to celebrate our successes. The beginning of the season can be the time to slow down and recognize behaviors no longer serving a purpose. It is never too late to make changes. We all get to decide what part of ourselves we wish to keep and share with the world.

By Paulina Pina, LPC

Paulina is passionate about helping clients discover their personal strengths, confidence, and ability for resilience as they go on to overcome life’s ongoing difficulties. She understands the importance of providing a space free of judgment in which a client can build trust and move forward with their identified goals. Paulina strives to be genuine and caring in her connection with clients, while also encouraging personal accountability.

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