Tacos and Love Languages

Do you know your partner's love language? Often we get focused on ourselves and what we are lacking. Ever feel like you have talked and expressed your needs completely with your partner and there is no action?  Give it time.  Focus on your partners needs and in self...

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How To Notice What Your Partner Needs

If you stop focusing on what you WANT, you will notice what your partner NEEDS. The Goal It is important to have a specific goal even in a marriage relationship. Otherwise, we could wander aimlessly and never know when we are off the path and headed for destruction or...

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The Emotional Affair

Men in the 50s used to worry that if their wives went to work, their marriage was at risk of an affair. Now, as social media, the Internet, phone pictures and texts are the norm; affairs are moving into a whole new realm. It leaves a spouse to question: what is an...

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Preparing For Spring

Spring cleaning, the time to dispose of anything in your home no longer useful and to rediscover the things you forgot you owned. Some may never take part in this tradition, while others look forward to this process every year. I tend to belong to the...

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To Be Flawed Or Not

Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Proverbs 4:23 Every day we feed ourselves minute by minute with our thoughts.  If we feed ourselves with thoughts of self-inadequacy or the inadequacies of another then we have already set our life to...

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Take Care of Yourself this Year

Take Care of Yourself this Year January is almost over and we hope it has been a great start to your 2019! While you're working on your new year's resolutions, don't forget about SELF CARE. No matter how indulgent this term may sound, self care is actually very...

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Letter on Sadness From Mario Gonzalez, LPC

Written by Mario Gonzalez on 8-21-18   Tonight I want to speak to the sad ones out there who quietly keep it to themselves. I want to tell all of you that everything is going to be okay. You are right where you need to be. Believe in that. I’m saying this also,...

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Be Your Valentine

Your best friend or closest family member confides in you about a situation in which they perceive they have failed. What do you say to them and in what tone do you say it? Do you help pick them back up and show them compassion? Now picture that it is you who has...

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