Written by Mario Gonzalez on 8-21-18


Tonight I want to speak to the sad ones out there who quietly keep it to themselves. I want to tell all of you that everything is going to be okay. You are right where you need to be. Believe in that. I’m saying this also, because I need to remember this for myself as well. I have sadness sometimes too and with my work I see many who feel they struggle alone. You never have to go through that sadness alone. There is no shame in admitting that you hurt like all humans, that you struggle like all humans, or that you feel overwhelmed like all humans.

I am so grateful for the days when someone comes to me and has struggled with the same struggles I had at one point. I feel it is the universe sending me messages that I am on the path of healing myself by healing others. We all need to heal. It is time. And it is not just physically any more – it is mentally as well, and we are evolving into a time where we must awaken to the truth. The truth is we are of value simply because we are. We keep looking for other people and other ways to be validated and it is so much work. We are tired and often feel defeated and so hurt and disappointed because we waste so much energy in things we cannot control.

We must connect to ourselves more and question things and fight to understand. Healing is the goal in my opinion. I just want to heal. If that is through love – then I will work every day to love myself better. I will try and be okay with fine enough. We need to remember that nothing is all good or all bad. Everything is in cycles. We cycle through one to get to the next. That is life. We feel things for 7-12 seconds and phase or we hang onto feelings so they last years. The feeling I like to hang onto most is that I love me for the simple fact that I am lovable and I am entitled as a human to have love for myself and honor it. I want to connect to my value daily. I have no guarantee of the time I spent on this earth but I know if I died tomorrow – I would be okay knowing that I lived my life in the best way I could. I found love in me. That can only become more love. Never less. I can only be awesome and can only become more awesome. Never less. I am enough and can never be less than.

love myself. Not because I am arrogant. Not because I see myself as better than anyone. I love myself more and most because I know that this is healing and I cannot heal others while I stay a victim to my own circumstances. I am empowered to love others and to love myself.

I love the hell out of me, everyone. I hope even if just for a few moments – you connect to that every. Single. Day. Love you because you are worth it. ❤️

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