Gibson Counseling Terms of Business


RATES/INSURANCE:Self pay rate is $110.00 for 50 minutes and $55 for 20 minutes. These fees are applied for any service rendered that is not covered by a third party payer and includes therapy sessions, phone calls, and consultations. $25.00 NSF check fee may be added to your account for any NSF check returned by your bank.  We will bill primary insurance, however you are liable for any charges not covered by insurance. 

COURT FEES: Clients are discouraged from having a therapist subpoenaed.  It is typically not in the child’s best interest for a therapist to testify in court proceedings, as it will impact the client/therapist relationship based on standard of care. None of our therapists specialize in court appearances, however they can provide summary documentation or consult with the guardian ad litem.  You are responsible for all court related fees, however it does not mean that testimony will be solely in your favor as only facts and professional opinions can be given.  If a therapist is subpoenaed, the following fees apply: court fees are assessed at $250 an hour, which includes but is not limited to preparation, consultations with lawyers or legal representatives (including but not limited to guardian ad litem, probation officer or social workers), depositions, travel, testimony, presence in court even if testimony is not given, filing documentation and any attorney fees incurred by the therapist.  Since the therapists have to cancel a full day of appointments to attend court, the client is responsible for a minimum of 8 hour fee, which is $2000. These fees will be paid 7 business days in advance and court appearances will require a subpoena. If the court appearance is cancelled or reschegduled and the therapist is given 72 hours notice, half of the fee ($1000) will be refundable, however the client will still be responsible for any fees accumulated related to preparation for court.



We keep credit cards on file through a secure credit card system with a $5 administration fee.  We will use this credit card for no show fees or outstanding balances. By signing this form you consent to have your credit card on file and be charged for no show fees and outstanding balances. 



We will communicate with you through the patient portal, email and by phone. These communications will include reminders for appointments and communication related to billing and scheduling. You may update your communication preference through your patient portal. If you want to opt out of any of these communication methods please notify the administrative staff at 512-633-7839



We ask that you give a minimum of 24 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE if you must reschedule. You will be charged for a no-show or late cancellation. The cancellation fee will be $60 for 50 min sessions and $90 for a 90 min session. If you have a credit card on file, we will use this credit card to charge the no show fee.



If there is an increase in symptoms or decrease in functioning, the client is to contact the therapist at 512-633-7839 to set up and appointment. If it is an emergency or after hours the client is to call 911, go to the nearest emergency room or call a 24 hour crisis line 1-800-841-1255



Counseling and psychotherapy are beneficial, but as with any treatment there are inherent risks. During counseling, you will have discussions about personal issues, which may bring to the surface uncomfortable emotions. Some of the possible benefits are improved personal relationships, reduced feelings of emotional distress, and specific problem solving. I cannot guarantee these benefits, however, it is my goal to work with you to attain your personal goals.


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2201 Double Creek Drive, Unit 1003, Round Rock, TX 78664
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1101 Satellite View, Suite 402, Round Rock, TX 78665
(512) 633-7839
2301 Bagdad Road, Suite 404, Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 633-7839