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Women face many issues going through pregnancy and birth, from mood changes to life adjustments.  They also experience miscarriages, infertility, and difficulties with birth. We help women gain healthy emotional health through all their experiences. 

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video counseling is where you login to our secure site and conduct your counseling session through video conferencing technology.  You are able to talk with your counselor in the comfort of your own home.  Many insurances now pay for this service, however benefits need to be verified and these are pre-paid services. 

Is anger a good or bad thing? It is good. Anger helps us identify that  something is wrong. It is our behavior or response to anger that can cause difficulty. Anger can be a secondary emotion. We work with the client to identify the primary emotion that leads to anger, the triggers that cause the anger and the resolution and positive response to anger, providing a release from this difficult emotion.

Depression can be a dark hole in which we struggle to get out, but find ourselves falling right back in. The strength comes when you begin to identify your individual symptoms of depression and recognize when you are slipping backwards. That is when change happens and you can implement strong coping skills so that even when you feel your self stumble you recover quickly. We help clients identify their individual depression, the symptoms, habits and the things that empower them and pull them out of that dark hole.

Anxiety seeps into every part of our lives. A majority of people struggle with this and it can effect relationships and functioning. There are two things we address in counseling when working on anxiety; Fear and Control. At the root of every anxiety is a fear and the inability to control the situation. Clients begin by learning to identify when you are getting anxious, what triggers your anxiety, positive coping skills and addressing fears and control.

Grief and loss is an individual experience. No person experiences loss in the same way, which leads to a lot of confusion.  Grief can also bring up past losses, which increase the emotion and amplifies the current experience.  We help our clients identify what loss they are experiencing, what losses they have experienced and help them walk through the process of grief on their own terms.

Families are complicated. They grow, change and adapt to different personalities and different life situations. Increasing the strength of the family is increasing the trust and responsibility of each member, allowing for differences and accepting that each person is vital. We work with families to identify values, strengths, personalities, communication, trust, responsibilities, roles and past issues that effect current relationships in order to build a strong family unit.

Relationships are at the core of who we are. We thrive on the people we have in our lives. When couples become confused, unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their relationship it can cause great heart ache. We work with couples not only to identify their emotional connection, communication, individual responsibilities in a relationship, but also to trust and let go of the resentment and hurt that can build over time.

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Janet Gibson, LMFT and Kathy Gissler, LPC offer Christian Counseling 

"The Word has transformed my life. So many struggles I have faced have been counteracted through biblical principles and the unfaltering love of God. Spiritual growth is the most powerful way to overcome and get through life's hardships. There is no other resolution than Victory. I work with clients on various issues and life troubles to trust God, know that we will all go through trials and accept God's Grace and Love that is unconditional."-Janet Gibson, LMFT


Prenatal, Postpartum and Fertility Issues

Grief and Loss

Trauma is devistating. Our therapists are trained in research proven methods to help process and move past trauma to help their clients live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 

Addiction can come in many forms (substance, sexual, etc.).  We specialize in helping people gain freedom from their addiction and helping them set healthy boundaries. We also help the families cope and gain insight into their loved one.

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